Top 3 Best Restaurants in Sao Paulo, Brazil

With more than twenty thousand restaurants and bars, Sao Paulo is considered a gastronomic paradise. From sushi places to traditional stakehouses, the city offers high-end fusion cuisine, simple and cheap eats, and anything in between. Here is a list of the top 3 best restaurants in the city:

  1. Kinoshita

  2. By the chef Tadashi Shiraishi Kinoshita is one of the most prestigious restaurants in Sao Paulo. The excellent Washoku dishes are perfectly balanced, impeccably presented and made from seasonal ingredients. Nigiri takes pride of place on this menu, which also features sashimi, temaki and grilled yakimono elegant, finely textured and full of flavour.

    Best Dishes

    Name Price
    Omakase $150
    Sushi (2 units) $8
    Sashimi (5 units) 10
  3. Bottega Bernacca

  4. Considered the best Italian restaurant in the city, Bottega Bernacca could not be out ou the list. From its mouthwatering dishes to the cozy environment, the restaurant provides its customers with an authentic Italian experience. The pastas are marvelously prepared, exellently seasoned, and carefully served, making Bottega Bernacca live to its name.

    Best Dishes

    Name Price
    Rigatoni Al Ragu $20
    Tagliata $30
    Lasagna $15
  5. Mani

  6. By Helena Rizzo, Manioca is considered one of the best restaurants in the world. It serves traditional Brazilian food, and amazing contemporary drinks. Despite its peculiar location (the restaurant is located inside a library), the restaurant attracts thousand of people per year and provide them with the best possible experience.

    Best Dishes

    Name Price
    Grilled Tuna $20
    Octopus $15
    Picanha $22